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From Author Reyna Bradford:

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The Majesty of the Prairie.

The Connections Between Humans and Animals.

The True Joys in Life.


These themes are explored with perfect vision by the author, Reyna Bradford, blind since she was 15 months old.

Sharing the lessons, heartaches, and triumphs experienced by an extraordinary woman who ignores any limitations of a world without sight. The author introduces us to her remarkable life, including living on a hobby farm in the Kansas Flint Hills, raising dairy goats, and training and competing with her large band of beloved dogs.

Beautifully written, Bradford shepherds us through the four seasons and all that each cycle involves, offering her unique perspective on animals, the land, and life. 

What Readers Have to Say:

"This is an absolutely wonderful book. . . Her story is told with a true love for animals and an ambition for living life to it's fullest. She writes with incredible detail and feeling. . .I could hardly put it down."

"I loved the individual stories of how each of her dogs came into her life and how she managed to train them for obedience competition, even though she is legally blind and the dogs were often rascally rescues or ill-behaved Craigslist acquisitions. Compelling tales of challenges and overcoming obstacles."

"Inspirational, warm, compelling, are a few of the words for this story of a full rich life of a young woman working a small goat farm and raising and training dogs to win AKC Obedience Contests. The fact she has been blind since 15 months is secondary, but an important part of her story."

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Written by educator and author Emil Cicogna to accompany Reyna's book, this Study Guide provides a useful teaching tool for both Language Arts educators and parents. The guides goes through individual chapters of the book and includes: objectives, student research prompts, characterizations, themes, key vocabulary words, and critical thinking questions. 

For more about Emil, visit his website:


20 Nuggets of Training Wisdom Your Dog Will Thank You For!

Bringing a new puppy into your home is an exciting, life-changing event. In this informative and easy-to-follow book, Reyna Bradford, a life-long dog lover who has trained multiple breeds in a variety of canine sports, shares 20 Things Every Owner Should Do to Raise a Dog Right. 

Reyna has raised puppies and adopted adult rescues. Shes lives with and trains her houseful of dogs with common sense and confidence, but without the benefit of eyesight. Her techniques reflect a special connection with dogs and offer unique insights to anyone who wants to start things off right with a new furry best friend. 

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