Reyna Bradford


Author, Speaker, Farmer, Dog Trainer


An Inspirational Woman Who Has Never Let Her Lack of Sight

Influence Her True Vision of Life

Left without sight by a tumor since she was two years old, Reyna Bradford describes herself as a person with "grit." Those who observe her, find her remarkable. Reyna, however, doesn't see herself that way.
After some convincing, Reyna has agreed to share her stories, adventures, challenges, and triumphs as a visually-impaired woman living and working independently on a small hobby farm on the edge of the Kansas Flint Hills. 
Take some time to visit with Reyna by reading her book, staying up-to-date with her blog, meeting her dogs & other animals, and learning that what we might see as limitations are really just opportunities for finding your own unique path in life.  

Reyna and her dogs love to train together and share tips for all dog owners about improving their human/dog relationship.

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